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Camper Confirmation

We expect everyone who goes on the holiday to be fully involved in every aspect of the programme, including the games, the workshops, the teaching and any daily duties, i.e. tidying up after meal times and activities.

At Camp, we are all there to have a great week. By agreeing to certain behaviours, we should all be creating a safe environment for everyone to have the best time at Camp.


At camp, I promise: 

·   To respect the safe place of Campers and Leaders at Camp. During their time at Camp, this includes a person’s bed (area) and all of their personal belongings.

·      Not to be alone AT ANY TIME with a member of the opposite sex.

·     To be in my OWN dormitory between the hours of 11:30pm - 7:30am unless accompanied by a leader.

·      Not to smoke or drink alcohol.

·  Not to go out with the Camp boundaries without permission from the Maranatha Camp Director.

·     Not to initiate or engage in any kind of behaviour that adversely affects the enjoyment and wellbeing of others.

·    To take care of camp buildings and equipment.

·   To cooperate fully with leaders in punctuality, tidiness and involvement in the camp programme.

I understand that I WILL be sent home if I fail to abide by these rules.

I agree to give my mobile to my dorm leader at lights out, if asked, and understand that it will be returned to me in the morning.

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