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COST £230


Maranatha camp seeks to provide an affordable and accessible camp whilst ensuring its longevity. 


In order to ensure that we do not run at a loss, we have made the tough decision to increase the price per camper as of 2024 to £230. This price is increasing from £200 however the £230 is inclusive of a hoodie, which was previously an additional cost on top of the £200. 


We had kept the price at £200 for many years and whilst the cost of everything was increasing after the pandemic, we felt it was important to keep the price of camp the same. Just like everything else however, the cost of running camp has increased drastically since the pandemic and it would be unsustainable to not increase the cost. 


Please do not let the increase in price per camper stop you from sending your child to camp - let us know if we can help at all by sending us an email:

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